Wendy Williams Is Planning TV Comeback After Battling Health Issues

Wendy Williams has been missing from TV over the past year as she battles ongoing health issues, but the daytime television star says she is ready to return to the limelight.

The longtime talk show host was shopping at a Petco on Monday (February 27) when the paparazzi stopped her. “I’m shopping for kitty litter because I have a wax museum in Paris and one in California,” Williams told a paparazzo. “I’m going for a week in Paris and then three weeks in California and then immediately fly back.”

But once she’s back from her wax museum endeavors, Williams made it clear she wants to return to the small screen. “And then I want to be on TV, stuff like Seth Meyers, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, The View, stuff like that,” she said. “I am formerly retired.”

The Wendy Williams Show aired for 13 seasons before coming to an end in 2022, with Williams herself not appearing in the last season as she focused on her health. She checked into a wellness facility in September last year to continue working on herself.

“Wendy is working on several projects,” her publicist, Shawn Zanotti, told Yahoo Entertainment. “She is ready to get things rolling and get back to being Wendy Williams.”

One of those upcoming projects is the Wendy Experience podcast, and Zanotti also revealed she “is focused on a holistic diet and works out regularly at the gym.”

In addition, Page Six reported that Williams was seen filming a mystery project inside the Fresco by Scotto restaurant in NYC. “Basically, it was a regular night… and then all of the sudden the Wendy Williams train arrived,” a source told the publication.

“She had a huge crew that basically turned Fresco by Scotto into a movie set… approximately 30 people in the crew. Lights, cameras, audio, producers, etc. [It] looked like a reality show.”

“One of the ‘scenes’ was Wendy having dinner with a friend,” the source added. “Wendy came into the dining room with her big personality waving at all the guests, like they were extras in her movie.”

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