Noah Centineo’s Lawyer Meets Dangerous Ex-Asset (VIDEO)

Owen Hendricks, Noah Centineo’s character in The Recruit, is thrown into the deep end in his first days as a lawyer for the CIA, as a new clip from the action-paced Netflix series reveals.

The 40-second clip — which Centineo screened at the CCXP convention in São Paulo, Brazil on Saturday, December 3 — shows Owen going head to head with a former CIA asset named Max Meladze, played by Laura Haddock (Da Vinci’s Demons).

“You know that making threats against the agency is a crime, right?” he says, visiting Max in prison.

But Max says she knows “many things.” She knows, for example, that he’s wet behind the ears as a CIA lawyer. She also knows that he’s lying when he claims he injured his hand by closing it in a car door.

“I’ve pulled out enough fingernails to know what it looks like afterwards,” she says.

“You seem really proud of that,” Owen responds.

“Shouldn’t I be?” Max counters. “Some of those nails were for the CIA.”

Netflix’s trailer for The Recruit shows that Max is in prison for murder, and Haddock told Something About Rocks recently that her character has been behind bars for five years now and is threatening to go public with classified CIA intel if she’s not released. The actress also said that playing the “wildly layered” Max is “so much fun.”

The cast of The Recruit, which starts streaming on Friday, December 16, also include Aarti Mann (The Big Bang Theory) as Violet, Daniel Quincy Annoh (The Real Story of…) as Terence, Vondie Curtis-Hall(For the People) as Walter Nyland, Kristian Bruun (Orphan Black) as Janus Ferber, Colton Dunn(Superstore) as Lester, and Fivel Stewart (Atypical) as Hannah.

The Recruit, Series Premiere, Friday, December 16, Netflix

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