TNets Push Premiere Dates for ‘The Lazarus Project,’ ‘The Miracle Workers’ & More

There are more changes coming to your regularly scheduled January TV programming after the Warner Bros.-Discovery merger which continues to impact TBS and TNT. Season 4 of TBS’s Miracle Workers as well as TNT’s The Lazarus Project, and TBS’s Dwayne Wade-hosted game show The Cube are all being pushed back in the slate.

A TNets rep who spoke to Deadline stated: “TNets scheduling has made some adjustments to its January 2023 programming slate. Impacted series include The Cube (TBS), Miracle Workers (TBS), and The Lazarus Project (TNT). These strategic scheduling shifts will allow us to better support the three series later in the year.”

Dwayne Wade in 'The Cube'

The Cube (Credit: TBS)

Deadline previously reported that TBS would be the home of scripted programming, and TNT would be a largely unscripted brand. Miracle Workers is the only remaining original live-action scripted series. Miracle Workers’ fourth season was originally slated to debut on Monday, January 16, but the comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe will be keeping fans waiting.

Warner Bros.-Discovery’s tax write-offs have already led to the cancellations of the HBO series Westworld, the HBO project Demimonde, the HBO Max movie Batgirl, and TBS series The Big D, Chad, and Kill the Orange-Faced Bear. (Chad has since moved to Roku, and The Big D has moved to Peacock.) TNT decided not to air the fourth and final season of Snowpiercer.

The $43 billion deal was closed for Discovery to purchase WarnerMedia from AT&T in April of last spring. After the merger, 21 executives left the company.

Stay tuned for updates on potential new premiere dates for Miracle Workers, The Lazarus Project, and The Cube.

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