See Ben Affleck Serve Up His Favorite Dunkin’ Donuts in Super Bowl Ad (VIDEO)

Dunkin’ finally unveiled its long-awaited Ben Affleck Super Bowl ad during the February 12 broadcast on Fox, seeing the actor man the drive-thru window with the enthusiasm of a true Bostonian.

Serving up treats from a Medford, Massachusetts store, Affleck who is a self-professed Dunkin’s lover confused patrons as he scrambled to find their orders only to surprise them at the window. But everyday customers weren’t the only ones making trips to the drive-thru as Affleck’s wife Jennifer Lopez also stopped by to check in on him.

Among some of the funniest reactions is blatant confusion from one customer who didn’t know who Affleck was when he reached the window after ordering at the intercom. Meanwhile, others were excitedly surprised upon seeing the movie star with a headset, visor, and Dunkin’s t-shirt.

“How can it be this inexpensive and good,” he says to the customers, fulfilling his duty as a promoter of the coffee and donut chain. But his work at the store drives Lopez to the window to seek some answers.

“What are you doing here?” she asks. “Is this what you do when you say you’re going to work all day?”

Affleck is pretty much wordless but decides it’s time to pack things up, “I gotta go guys,” he says to his fellow Dunkin’s workers in the store.

The added bonus of this fun spot? We learned that Jennifer Lopez enjoys a glazed donut when it comes to Dunkin’s treats. Catch the full thing above, and stay tuned throughout the game to see if any additional spots pop up.

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