10 Most Underrated ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketches (VIDEO)

What is your favorite Saturday Night Live sketch?

If you’re like us, it’s probably hard to pick just one. Throughout the show’s 48-season run (so far), there have been many memorable sketches to choose from. Who can forget about Debbie Downer or Schweddy Balls? But sometimes even the funniest sketches get overlooked, especially if you’ve watched many of them.

Check out the 10 most underrated SNL sketches that we guarantee will make you laugh below.

Cut For Time: Wedding Toast

When best man Doug Atlee (Luke Null) gives the toast at Mark (John Mulaney) and Dana’s (Cecily Strong) wedding, he reveals a major truth in his song: He is having an affair with Dana and musician Jack White, and the three of them all sing about their love for each other. Although he is standing behind the rest of the cast members, Mulaney steals the show with his hilarious one-off comments. When he says “Jack White played at my wedding” while his bride is dancing on top of the musician, you can’t help but laugh out loud.

FBI Simulator

An FBI agent (Kenan Thompson) in training is put to the test to determine who is a threat (Beck Bennett, Leslie Jones, and Jon Rudnitsky) and who is just a harmless civilian (Aidy Bryant, Vanessa Bayer, and Bobby Moynihan). But when Kevin Roberts (Larry David), dressed in a bright orange suit with matching sunglasses, reveals himself and claims to be the “coolest bitch in town,” the agent doesn’t know what to do. Although Kevin Roberts is supposed to be a “normal,” innocent civilian, watching him say the weirdest phrases (like “can a bitch get a donut”) will have you cracking up every single time. It’s no wonder that Thompson doesn’t know whether to shoot him or not.

Drake’s Beef

Drake keeps having issues with the members of the SNL cast and starts rapping diss tracks about them. Whether it’s Bryant moving his hat or Lorne Michaels telling him that he only did a good job instead of a great job, Drake has beef with them all. This idea of having a comedy sketch centered around Drake rapping is gold. It’s the perfect combination of everything you love about Drake and Saturday Night Live. Whether you are a fan of the musician or not, you are guaranteed to laugh at it.

Flight Attendants

After returning to the flight crew after a month-long sabbatical, Gareth (Will Ferrell) adds a dark twist to the safety rap that Sabrina (Bryant) and Spencer (Chris Redd) created for the passengers. Gareth makes statements like “God’s not real, when you die, you’re dead,” which freaks out the other flight attendants, but leaves the passengers with questions about the afterlife. Only a character played by Ferrell could start a chant stating “death is” with the response being “final,” and leave the audience laughing. From start to finish, there is not a line of his that will not leave you laughing out loud.

Funeral Service

At the funeral of dentist David Greene, his two close friends, Dan Balance (Thompson) and Didi Dushay (Scarlett Johansson), perform a song written by the deceased in remembrance of him. It is quickly revealed that David wrote deep club tracks about everything from shaking your butt to doing bathroom bumps. Having a comedy sketch based at a funeral is always a hit or miss. It’s a touchy subject that needs to be handled delicately. Luckily, this sketch is definitely a hit. Watching Thompson sing deep club tracks at a funeral for a dentist is hilarious. And watching the grieving members of David’s family join along in song at the end of the sketch is priceless.

Police Line Up

After being attacked outside of a workshop theater in NYC, the victim of the robbery (Pete Davidson) must identify his assailant from a line-up of actors (Taran Killam, Kyle Mooney, Bennett, Louis C.K.) from the theater. But these four men act like they’re auditioning for a part in a play, instead of being questioned for a robbery. Hearing the lines, “Let’s make this quick. Give me everything you got. I have a knife,” being performed in different theatrical styles will have you cracking up. And to watch them cheer and support each other after stating the line, or script as the characters call it, is just too funny.

Spelling Bee

Spelling bee contestants (Melissa Villaseñor, Null, Chris Redd, Davidson) are confused and uncomfortable when moderator Kevin Black (James Franco) gives them words and definitions that are very personal to his life. Watching Franco play a creepy spelling bee moderator is everything you didn’t know you needed. Hearing him give the contestants words like “urophiliac” and “little pig boy” will leave you laughing throughout the entire sketch.

Guess That Phrase

Kathleen (Melissa McCarthy) competes against Terrance (Thompson) and Rebeccah (Bayer) on the game show called Guess That Phrase. But Kathleen is a bit quirky, and her guesses are never right. There’s no denying that McCarthy is a comedic genius. Every sketch she does on Saturday Night Live is hilarious, and this one is no different. After watching, you’ll be asking yourself what “pass the mash” really means.

WWE Promo Shoot

During a WWE promo shoot, Koko Watchout (Dwayne Johnson) takes the trash talking against his opponent Trashyard Mutt (Moynihan) too far by using personal details of his life. It is revealed that Koko Watchout hired a research firm to dig up dirt on Trashyard Mutt. Every secret revealed in this sketch is funnier than the one before it. From disclosing that Trashyard Mutt has herpes to pretending to be a catfish named Stacey, it is clear that Koko Watchout has taken things too far. But this level of absurdness is exactly why you’ll love this sketch.

Cut For Time: Supermarket Spree

Padget (McCarthy) will do whatever it takes to beat her opponent Melanie (Bayer) on the game show Supermarket Spree. She shows no mercy as she grabs everything from an industrial deli slicer to the shoes off of Melanie’s feet. Have you ever seen a contestant go a little crazy on a game show? This sketch portrays that contestant, but on steroids. Watching McCarthy eat a handful of mayonnaise from the jar will leave you not only laughing, but probably gagging as well. You’ll want to share it with your family and friends.

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