What Happened to the Catering Team Between Seasons 2 & 3?

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Party Down, Season 3, Episode 1, “Kyle Bradway is Nitromancer.”]

It’s been a while since fans last heard Henry Pollard (Adam Scott) pose that age-old question, “Are we having fun yet?” but Starz finally brought it back into style with the return of its cult comedy Party Down.

So, where exactly did the catering team end up almost 15 years later? As viewers will recall, Season 2 concluded in 2010 and saw the titular catering crew covering Constance’s (Jane Lynch) wedding. And in the Season 3 premiere, quite a lot has changed. Below, we’re breaking down where each of the characters were last seen and where they are when the latest chapter of the series picks up, so beware of major spoilers ahead.

Henry Pollard (Adam Scott)

The failed actor decided to give his dream a second shot, ending Season 2 at an audition for a new role. Sadly, it seems the effort yielded no significant results as he begins Season 3 working as an English teacher. Viewers also learn he’s married in the debut, which sees Henry reunite with his former coworkers to celebrate Kyle’s (Ryan Hansen) casting in a major superhero franchise à la Marvel.

Ron Donald (Ken Marino)

Ron Donald (Ken Marino) ended Season 2 managing the Party Down team and remains in the same position when Season 3 begins. While he opens this latest chapter on the brink of losing the company, he’s helped out by former colleague Constance, who lends him some of her funds. The only catch? The Covid-19 pandemic is lurking around the corner, making times tough, but by the premiere’s end, things are looking up for Ron Donald as he gets a call to cover a new party.

Kyle Bradway (Ryan Hansen)

The on-again-off-again actor and catering worker was still with Party Down when Season 2 ended, but when Season 3 picks up, he’s hit it big with a new role in a superhero movie franchise. Sadly, his optimistic outlook is shattered when an old bandmate exacts revenge by unveiling old footage that makes Kyle look like a white supremacy sympathizer. At the party, Kyle’s leading role is recast, leaving him destitute on the acting front.

Roman DeBeers (Martin Starr)

When Season 2 concluded, Roman (Martin Starr) had gotten high on pot at Constance’s wedding and relayed what he believed was his sci-fi masterpiece to a scribe. It would seem that it wasn’t quite as epic as Roman believed at the time because when Season 3 picks up, he’s still working at Party Down and just as bitter as ever.

Constance Carmell (Jane Lynch)

As viewers will recall, Constance got married to a man named Howard (Alex Rocco), on the brink of death. She proceeded with the nuptials despite her partner’s failing health and it ultimately paid off by the Season 2 finale’s end because he died and she received his fortune. Still living comfortably from that inheritance when Season 3 picks up, Constance reunites with the gang at Kyle’s party and ultimately firms up her ties to Party Down by investing to help Ron out.

Lydia Dunfree (Megan Mullally)

Joining the Party Down team in Season 2, Lydia (Megan Mullally) ended it as a single mom hoping to land her acting daughter a breakthrough role in the near future and potentially find love for herself along the way. Fast-forwarding to Season 3, Lydia successfully manages her daughter Escapade Dunfree, who seemingly has a strong movie career. Still, Lydia is happy to reunite with her former coworkers despite her bigwig status.

Casey Klein (Lizzy Caplan)

As viewers knew before tuning in, Casey (Lizzy Caplan) wouldn’t be part of the newest season, but she left Season 2 on a promising note, remaining hopeful in her comedy career thanks to Henry’s willingness to audition for acting gigs. His lead apparently paid off for her as the Season 3 premiere revealed that Casey landed a spot on Saturday Night Live not long after fans last saw her and has since gone on to make it as a big star. Speculation about her love life was also teased in an entertainment news blurb played in the Season 3 premiere. So, while she may not be in the show, Party Down isn’t forgetting one of its original team members.

What did you think of the storylines so far in Party Down‘s Season 3 return? Let us know in the comments section, below, and stay tuned for more laughs as the season continues on Starz.

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