Could ‘New Amsterdam’ Continue? Bosses Detail Hopes, Who It Could Follow

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the New Amsterdam series finale “Right Place” and “How Can I Help.”]

New Amsterdam may have said goodbye after five seasons on NBC, but in a time full of revivals and spinoffs, is it really the end? Hopefully not, if you ask executive producers David Schulner and Peter Horton.

“Give us a call. We’re there,” Schulner tells TV Insider when asked about the possibility of a spinoff.

“We feel like this has got much more potential to it. It’s number three on Netflix. We’re not the only ones who feel that way. There’s a real audience response to this show, and there was even while we were on NBC,” Horton adds. “So we’re kind of feeling like we should come back in some form, but it’s not up to us. We can only sit there and charge that windmill so many times.”

The drama ended with Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) leaving New Amsterdam for a job in Geneva with the World Health Organization. Years later, his daughter, Luna (Molly Griggs), came to the hospital as its new medical director, carrying on his legacy, starting with his mantra, “How can I help?”

Canceled shows have come back for more seasons (Lucifer, Manifest, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine) or even just a wrap-up movie (Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist). Do the New Amsterdam EPs have a preference?

“This would probably be a series of some kind, probably on a streamer somewhere. I guess I don’t know. I think we’re kinda open to whatever anyone wants to suggest,” Horton says with a laugh.

“You could follow Max in Geneva. You could follow Luna in New Amsterdam. You could do both at the same time. There’s so many possibilities,” Schulner points out.

But with this seemingly the end of the series, if it isn’t picked up somewhere else, is there anything the EPs would have liked to do during its run?

“In retrospect, I think we would’ve preferred to have Freema [Agyeman, who played Dr. Helen Sharpe and exited ahead of the final season] with us the whole time and even Anupam [Kher, who played Dr. Vijay Kapoor and left in Season 3] with us the whole time. They were such great characters and such great actors, and circumstances just conspired against us. And so there’s a regret there. It was such a magical combination [of] those characters and those people. So I think I wish that had not happened, and we all stayed together,” Horton shares.

But he’s also looking to the hopeful future. “Other than that, though, there’s more that we want to bring in and create,” he says. “Grown-up Luna, I’d like to see more about her.”

And we’d have to agree, so maybe all we should say is: How can we help?

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