4 Key Moments From ‘Love Is Up in the Air’ (RECAP)

Love Is Up in the Air

Season 16 • Episode 10

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 16, Episode 10, “Love Is Up in the Air.”]

Married at First Sight Season 16 may be down to following just four couples after Domynique and Mackinley’s breakup last week, but the latest installment “Love Is Up in the Air,” isn’t short of drama.

While some pairs are making progress, others are metaphorically standing still in their marriage journeys. Below, we’re breaking down all of the key moments from the episode, so beware of major spoilers ahead.

Airris on the Mend

At the beginning of the episode, it’s revealed that Airris is ill with Covid. Despite being confined to his apartment, he only suffered some fatigue as a result of the virus. While he was at home recouping, Jasmine was stuck at work but doing her best to take care of him from afar. When it came to her home health care, Airris said he’d rate her a solid seven out of ten.

Advice Time

Some of the individuals participating in this grand social experiment turned to friends and family for advice over phone calls. Clint called his mom to discuss his progress with Gina. He asks about the correlation between relationships and being held back when it comes to free time. While she says that’s the reality of marriage, Clint’s mom notes that it’s still important to commit and build a solid foundation. Meanwhile, Kirsten chatted with a friend about her experience so far and how moving in has been the highlight so far, but that she’s a little frustrated by Shaquille’s work schedule as he’s been staying out late that current week. Ultimately, she thinks they need to do more together, but she’s been too tired and falls asleep before he returns home.

Quality Experiences

As a way of getting closer to their spouses, some duos bonded over special outings and activities. While Chris and Nicole went for a couple’s massage, he learns that his bride didn’t previously see touch as a favorite love language until they married. As their feelings continue to grow, Nicole decided to bring Chris on a date to a local bar in her neighborhood that she’s been waiting to visit with someone special. They bring up the love conversation, and although she’d like him to say it first, she accepts the fact that he’s not ready.

Meanwhile, Clint tries to get to know Gina a little better by visiting her salon where he meets her coworkers and gets minorly roasted in a good way. Still, while he’s impressed with her success, Clint hopes Gina begins to enjoy life more outside of work. On his side of things, Clint brings Gina to go sailing and show off a bit of his world. By the episode’s end, the pair try something new together by attending a PBR (professional bull riding) event where they enjoy the entertainment and loosen up a bit.

While they make progress, Airris helps Jasmine with giving her dog a bath, but it doesn’t go quite as she hopes, and she tells the cameras she’ll be bringing the dog to the groomers later that week. And over at Shaquille and Kirsten’s apartment, they host several of his mentees who joke that they believed Shaquille was corny before they got to know him better. It allows her to gain a fuller picture of her new husband along with the fact that he supposedly turned down a recent job offer for the sake of strengthening their marriage.

As for their activities, Shaquille brings Kirsten to a plant shop where they go back and forth about selecting a plant for them to care for. After choosing something, Kirsten hosts a “spa-cation” for them including footbaths, eye masks, back massages, robes, and wine. During the downtime, he admits he’s insecure at times, and when he prompts Kirsten to share something personal, she can’t come up with anything much to his disappointment, complaining that she won’t open up.

Expert Questions

Jasmine from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16

(Credit: Lifetime)

As a means of helping the couples connect, the experts sent them questions to discuss during moments together. While Gina and Clint ask each other about the joys in their life which are friends and family, she gets honest about the challenge of her parent’s divorce and he reveals the fact that he was in a relationship with an unplanned pregnancy that he was excited about but crushed by when his girlfriend at the time miscarried. Their fears include attraction and what if it never happens for them, but it seems they could be turning a new leaf after a rocky start.

As for Kirsten, she asks if Shaquille has ever been in love and he reveals he has and adds that patience is the key, similarly, Kirsten has also been in love, but reveals her inability to open up has been an issue before. Chris gets candid while talking to Nicole by disclosing that when he signed up for the show, he asked to be matched with someone who is “thicker” than he’s used to. While his intentions were meant to be honest, she feels really awkward and informs him that he shouldn’t tell women something like that.

Jasmine is equally uncomfortable during a session of Never Have I Ever with Airris in which he asks her sexual questions and reveals he’s participated in orgies. Needless to say, it doesn’t endear her to him. What will happen next? Stay tuned as Married at First Sight continues on Lifetime.

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