‘Jeopardy!’ High School Reunion Player Justin Bolsen’s True Daily Double Bet Pays Big on Day 4

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Jeopardy!‘s February 23, 2023 episode.]

Day 4 of Jeopardy!‘s High School Reunion Tournament delivered some exciting gameplay as one big bet helped land one hopeful competitor a spot in the semifinals.

The episode airing Thursday, February 23 saw first-year Brown University student Justin Bolsen, Harvard University Sophomore Shriya Yarlagadda, and first-year American University student Teagan O’Sullivan face off for a chance to move on in this first-of-its-kind tournament. The players who made a splash in previous teen tournaments are gunning for a winning spot in this tournament which will ultimately give them a space in the next Tournament of Champions.

In this evening’s episode, Justin proved to make the smartest move during Double Jeopardy! When he selected the game’s third Daily Double from the “Astronomy & Space” category, which presented the answer, “With perihelion on July 28, it will be seen again from Earth in 2061, when all of you are looking back on your youthful hopes.” The corresponding question was “What is Halley’s Comet?”

At that point in the game, Justin had accumulated $8,600 and was just $200 under leading competitor Shriya with $8,800. Making a big wager, he went for the true Daily Double and offered the correct question, landing him a strong lead ahead of his fellow players. By Final Jeopardy!, Justin had $22,400, Shriya had $11,600, and Teagan came in with $8,600.

In the Final Jeopardy! round, Shriya raised her earnings to $21, 601 as she delivered the correct clue alongside her competitors, but it wasn’t enough to edge out Justin’s final score of $23,223. Meanwhile, Teagan’s ending score was trailing at $11,602.

Ultimately, Justin’s gameplay impressed viewers as they took to social media to praise his strategy:

What did you think of Justin’s game-winning decisions? Let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned to see how Jeopardy!‘s High School Reunion tournament plays out.

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