Ken Jennings Won’t Let Contestant Forget Mistake With Women Authors (VIDEO)

One of the Jeopardy! contestants in the February 16 episode only had one hope after a mistake during the Double Jeopardy round — but it looks like he won’t get his wish.

Brad, an actor, competing against Ali, a product manager, and returning champ, Stephen, a data scientist, chose Women Authors for $2000 during the Double Jeopardy round. The clue read: “This native of Jackson, Mississippi wrote the novel Delta Wedding about a Southern plantation family.”

Brad rung in with “Who is Faulkner?” — the correct answer was Eudora Welty — only for host Ken Jennings to remark, “I think Faulkner would be surprised to find himself in a women author’s category.” Brad’s response? “Oh no, I hope I don’t go viral.”

And Jennings didn’t let Brad forget about the mistake later, either. For Final Jeopardy, the category was Sports and the clue read, “in 2010 they introduced the 4-point shot, 35 feet from the basket.” Brad was stumped, but he did have a bit of fun with his answer, writing, “who is Ina Garten?” Jennings did comment, “she is a woman author but not much of a basketball innovator, I’m afraid.”

Jeopardy! viewers did like Brad and had a bit of fun on social media, both about his mistake answering Faulkner for a category called Women Authors and for his hope that he wouldn’t go viral.

And they also remarked on his Final Jeopardy answer as well.

Meanwhile, viewers also couldn’t help but comment on Jennings’ responses to Brad’s mistake, which did get him the nickname “Ken Burns” and a fun GIF reaction.

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