‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Chefs Get Some R&R in First Look at Finale (VIDEO)

Hell’s Kitchen‘s latest season, aptly designated Battle of the Ages, is gearing up for a major two-part finale on Thursday, February 9 and TV Insider has your exclusive first look at some of the perks the finalists are experiencing.

In the clip above, Dafne, Alejandro, and Alex enjoy a wellness session (sans Gordon Ramsay) with a sound healer named Roxy. It would seem that Roxy’s a little too good at her job as one chef takes rest and relaxation to another level when they fall asleep during the soothing session.

As seen in the sneak peek, Alex is a little apprehensive about the situation when he walks in, telling viewers in a testimonial segment, “What the hell have I just signed up for?”

Alex for 'Hell's Kitchen'

(Credit: Fox)

“If I wake up and I’m floating, I’m gonna freak out,” Alex warns when Roxy asks the chefs if they’re ready to get started. But there’s nothing scary about this situation which Alex soon learns along with Dafne and Alejandro. “Alex looks so uncomfortable, this is Los Angeles, we do stuff like this,” Dafne tells viewers in a testimonial herself hinting that it’s better to embrace the new, even if it is unusual.

“At first it doesn’t feel like anything, but within two minutes, you’re taken over by this feeling,’ Alejandro shares in his own testimonial, adding, “my arms are literally melting and floating at the same time.” That sensation leads to some sleeping behaviors which his fellow chefs seem to pick up on right away.

Hells Kitchen: Battle of the Ages, which is produced by ITV America’s ITV Entertainment in association with A. Smith & Co. Productions, will deliver one delicious conclusion in the two-part “A Finale for the Ages,” season closer. The episodes will follow as the three final chefs create their own menus for Hell’s Kitchen, with each round of dishes judged by world-renowned chefs.

One will be eliminated during this portion of the competition, leaving the finalists down to two. For the second half of the finale, past competitors from the season will rally around the final two to help them cook one last time for the chance to win $250,000 and a Head Chef position at Hell’s Kitchen in Atlantic City.

Don’t miss it, catch Hell’s Kitchen: Battle for the Ages‘ finale when it airs on Fox, and until then, get a sneak peek, above.

Hell’s Kitchen, Season finale, Thursday, 8/7c, Fox

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