7 Great Hallmark Holiday Movies That Shouldn’t Get Sequels

It’s that time of the year: when we can’t get enough of all the Hallmark Christmas movies debuting across “Countdown to Christmas” and “Miracles of Christmas.” And thanks to 24/7 holiday films playing across the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, we can rewatch some old faves as well.

But just because we can rewatch movies from past years and may occasionally want to see more from those romances doesn’t mean we should. After all, recent sequels have broken up couples that got together at the end of the first films, whether to see them find their way back to one another (The Nine Kittens of Christmas) or because a new love interest has been brought in (A Cozy Christmas Inn), and there are just some relationships we’d rather not see that happen to.

And so below, we’re taking a look at some Hallmark holiday movies (including ones from 2022!) that we’d rather not see follow-ups to in future years. (Note: For these, we’re only looking at films from the past five years, including this one, so 2018 and later.)

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