Final ‘Jeopardy!’ Stumps Champ Stephen Webb & Other Players — Did You Get It?

The March 15 Final Jeopardy stumped all three of the night’s players, including ongoing champ Stephen Webb. But fans of Webb aren’t to worry. He still scored another runaway win, making him a seven-day Jeopardy! champ.

Playing in tonight’s game were Webb, a data scientist from Longmont, Colorado; Gwen Lockman, a doctoral candidate from Missoula, Montana; and Govind Dandekar, a solutions architect from Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. The category for Final Jeopardy was “Art Exhibitions.” The clue: “In 1898 what’s been called the first blockbuster art show was devoted to him and put on for Queen Wilhelmina’s coronation.”

Following their allotted 30 seconds, Webb, Lockman, and Dandekar all gave incorrect answers. The response host Ken Jennings was looking for was the Dutch artist Rembrandt. Dandekar guessed Van Gogh. Lockman gave up on her answer, stopping writing after spelling out “Bub.” Webb responded with Munch.

Despite the loss of the round, Webb still finished thousands of dollars ahead of his competitors — a feat accomplished without finding any Daily Doubles for the third day in a row. Lockman found two of the Daily Doubles and Dandekar found one. By the time Final Jeopardy came around, they were tied with $8,000 each and Webb had a whopping lead with $20,200.

Lockman took a big hit with her incorrect answer, losing $7,000 in her attempt to clench a win. Dandekar played it safe with just a $1,000 wager. Webb was determined to keep his winnings high, only wagering $199. The final scores were Webb with $20,001, Lockman with $1,000, and Dandekar with $7,000.

“He just keeps going and going, like $25,000 a day like clockwork,” Jennings said as he wrapped up the episode, praising Webb’s streak. With this win, Webb now has a seven-day total winnings of $175,282.

Fans on Reddit thought the Final Jeopardy clue was uniquely confusing.

“That Final Jeopardy was rough, felt like a gotcha question,” one fan wrote. “If you knew Wilhelmina was Dutch, and Van Gogh was dead by 1898 and was being remembered already, Rembrandt ‘feels’ like the wrong answer.”

Outside of Final Jeopardy, Reddit users are impressed by Webb’s strong playing, noting his bad luck finding Daily Doubles.

“You gotta give Stephen credit once again. He doesn’t seem to have the best Daily Double luck, but he is still able to pull off runaways regardless,” one watcher said. “I’m also very impressed by his stamina. He has been very consistent with his coryat score, hovering around 20K which is pretty darn good.”

“I’m impressed by his stoicism. If there’s one quality all super-champions seem to have in common, it’s that ability to keep grinding along, whether things are going their way or not,” another said in response. “Amy Schneider comes to mind.”

Did tonight’s Final Jeopardy stump you as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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