Did You Get the Final ‘Jeopardy!’ Right During Tonight’s High School Reunion Tournament?

During the February 28 episode of Jeopardy! hosted by Mayim Bialik, many viewers on Twitter gave their blind guesses before the game transitioned into Final Jeopardy.

The category during the High School Reunion Tournament, Names In Myth, had the following question: Her brothers, Castor & Pollux, saved her after Theseus stole her away as a kid; a larger force would seek her later in life.

Many users gave their guesses, using every Greek or Norse god they could muster before the question was answered. Some folks said Prometheus, Icarus, Orpheus, Eos, Odin, Achilles, and even Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk.

However, some had fun with the joke, like Homer and Sasquash. But none was more hilarious than the actual answer of contestant Anish, a junior at The University of Texas in Austin. Although he credits and even gives a shout to his 10th-grade teacher, who instilled in him a love for learning, it’s possible he was also quite the class clown.

Anish answered LeBron James, making everyone, including the host, let out a chuckle.

Of course, the answer ended up being ” Who is Helen of Troy?” which fellow contestants Lucas and Audrey got correctly, with Lucas adding $8,601 to advance with $25,201. Audrey followed up with $15,401, while Anish finished last with $6,399 after betting $801 on LeBron.

Did you get the Final Jeopardy correct? Let us know what your blind guess was in the comments below.

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