Sneak Peek at What Could Be Forrester’s Last Case With Fly Team (PHOTOS)

Is the January 24 episode the last time we’ll see Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank) working with the Fly Team on FBI: International? We doubt it, but the timing is right for a decision to be made about his future.

After all, it was two episodes ago that Ken Dandridge (Michael Torpey) told Forrester that he was going to be reassigned and had two weeks to wrap up things in Budapest. After Forrester confronted him about being sent around Europe for “busy work, analyst’s work,” while his team was putting their lives on the line, Dandridge told him, “I had a chance to observe the Fly Team, the team you run, as you just reminded me. They are sloppy, undisciplined, and take unnecessary risks… I blame you, their leader, [for their actions]. So I’m here to let you know I spoke to the deputy commissioner in DC. You’re being transferred to the admin division in Alabama.”

And with the next episode, “Someone She Knew,” the two weeks Forrester had been given to wrap things seem to be up. According to the logline, “the Fly Team races to find a kidnapped American teen in Austria as the clock ticks on Forrester’s reassignment.” The photos below offer a look at that case as well as a few tense moments.

But Forrester isn’t just accepting the transfer. At the end of the last episode, “BHITW,” he told Dandridge, “I’m not leaving. I’m not going without a fight.” We’re ready to see that happen in “Someone She Knew.”

Scroll down to check out the photos.

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