‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Boss Introduces the Bachelor Ranchers of New Reality Series

This cowboy (re)boot is made for gawking!

Four ranchers romance single women in a Yellowstone-meets-The Bachelor reality show, Farmer Wants a Wife a more equitable update on The CW’s 2008 attempt. “They pick each other,” showrunner Lauren Taylor Harding says, explaining that each gal decides which guy she “vibes with” before moving to his farm to “date” him.

Ahead of the premiere’s onscreen meet-and-greet, Harding spilled deets on this wild bunch.

1. Ryan Black, The Cultured Cowboy

At 32, the North Carolina horse trainer is outdoorsy and erudite. “[He lives out on] his farm with horses,” Harding says. “But he is not afraid to take off his cowboy hat and enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of the day.”

2. Allen Foster, The True Grit

This dude, with shaggy locks and a handlebar mustache, is a classic cowboy. He is a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” guy, Harding shares, adding that the Tennessee native, 32, is “reserved, but get him talking and he’s good to go.”

3. Landon Heaton, The Lone Ranger

Landon Heaton-'Farmer Wants A Wife'

The elder statesman (at 35!) has a farm so remote, days pass without human contact. Still, the dog lover wants to fill his Oklahoma log cabin with littles. “He says, ‘When people ask when I want kids, I say five years ago,’” Harding notes.

4. Hunter Grayson, The Wild Stallion

Hunter Grayson-'Farmer Wants A Wife'

Packing a great laugh and the gift of gab, the Georgia cattle rancher, 31, has been so busy “building his legacy” that he forgot to find his
person. Harding reveals: “He’s saying, ‘I need someone to share this life with.’”

Farmer Wants a Wife, Series Premiere 9/8c, Fox

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