How Much Does It Cost to Dress Like ‘Emily in Paris’?

Zut alor! Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) must have beaucoup credit card debt on Emily in Paris, considering how much she’s living beyond her means.

Ahead of the Netflix comedy’s third season, the casino-comparison site estimated Emily’s income and expenses and found that the Savoir strategist is spending more than $121k against her annual salary of $48k. That means she must be adding more than $70k in credit-card debt every year.

Of course, Emily wouldn’t be in the red if she stopped buying luxury clothing. Between her Dolce & Gabbana dress, her Hermes bomber jacket, her Valentino sunglasses, and her other big-ticket apparel, Emily apparently thinks her annual fashion budget is $78k!

“When it comes to our favorite fiction TV shows, we sometimes have to remind ourselves that it isn’t a reality,” a spokesperson for says. “Emily in Paris is a show in which extravagance is at the core, but it’s interesting to see just how unrealistic the luxurious living of Emily is. The findings are a friendly reminder that her lifestyle isn’t exactly one to admire, given that her salary doesn’t cover half of her spending.”

Below, see the researchers’ breakdown of Emily’s expenses, including her cappuccinos and her cab rides.

Utilities per month €190.42 $200.53
Annual cost €2,285.04 $2,406.32
Monthly rent for 900 sq. ft. furnished accommodation in expensive area €2,659 $2,800.13
Annual cost €31,908 $33,601.52
Normal tariff for 1 km taxi ride €1.82 $1.92
Taxi from Emily’s apartment to work and back (6km) €10.92 $11.50
Annual cost of taxi rides 5 days a week €2,839.20 $2,989.89
Cappuccino (regular) €3.66 $3.85
Annual cost of 5 cappuccinos a week €219.60 $231.26
3-course meal for 2 people at a mid-range restaurant €60 $63.18
Annual cost for 1 person eating twice a week €3,120 $3,285.59
Cocktail price in a downtown club €12 $12.64
Annual cost of 2 cocktails a week €1,248 $1,314.24
Isabel Marant dress €1526.81 $1,607.85
Valentino sunglasses €269.68 $283.99
Dolce & Gabbana dress €1685.76 $1,775.23
Christian Louboutin tote bag €1685.76 $1,775.23
Terry Dehavilland disco heels €318.29 $335.18
Magali Pascal dress €450.72 $474.64
Self-Portrait orange dress €380.50 $400.70
Hermes bomber jacket €1637.59 $1,724.51
Rotate Birger Christensen dress €582.79 $613.72
Rianna + Nina kimono €1800.00 $1,895.54
Vassilis Zoulias jacket €52000.00 $54,759.90
Anouki heart dress €685.00 $721.36
Vassilis Zoulias dress €850.00 $895.11
Barrie blazer €2456.39 $2,586.76
Balmain tweed skirt €1729.11 $1,820.88
Mark Cross bag €2880.24 $3,033.11
Self-Portrait mini dress €366.05 $385.48
Valentino belt €630.95 $664.44
Prada bag €2880.24 $3,033.11
Maje knitted vest €216.74 $228.24
Giambattista Valli x H&M gown €461.81 $486.32
Clothing total €73,967.62 $77,893.45
Expenses €115,587.46 $121,722.26
Estimated income €45,251.00 $47,652.70

Emily in Paris, Season 3 Premiere, Wednesday, December 21, Netflix

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