Chris Cuomo Opens Up About His CNN Firing & Return to Television

Former CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo was fired from the cable network back in 2021 and was so upset about the situation he was “going to kill everybody” and himself.

Cuomo opened up about the situation on Anthony Scramucci’s Open Book podcast on Wednesday, January 15, saying, “I make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for bad reasons. I’m very flawed. There’s damage. There’s damage that’s relatable to people. There’s damage that’s unrelatable to people that I have to deal with. That I try to deal with. That I do the work on. I still fail.”

The long-time broadcast journalist was let go from CNN after reports came out that he had helped his brother, then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, fight sexual harassment allegations.

“I have learned to accept it,” he continued. “I had to accept because I was gonna kill everybody, including myself. Things can consume you… I really had to fight against that because… I got too many people counting on me.”

Cuomo now hosts his own show on NewsNation, but admitted it’s been a struggle to go from the No. 1 show on CNN to a show that barely does over 60,000 viewers. “It’s hard to keep perspective on that because it’s kind of embarrassing,” he said. “I will never be [No. 1] again,”

He also said he believed he was “wrongly” let go by CNN.

“I am not going to bitch about it in the press. I’m not going to badmouth CNN because I love the people there, and I wish ’em well, and it’s, I believe, the best news organization in the world. But I don’t like how I was fired. I’ll litigate that. That’s arbitration, and I’m seeing that through.”

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