Where Are the Former Stars Now?

Call the Midwife’s 12th season finished airing in its native U.K. last month, and now it’s U.S. viewers’ turn to get back with the nuns and nurses of Nonnatus House.

Season 12 debuts on PBS on March 19, with Rebecca Gethings (The Serpent Queen) joining the cast as Sister Veronica.

“It is now 1968, and there are changes in the air,” PBS says in a synopsis of the Season 12 premiere. “Enoch Powell’s infamous speech casts a long shadow over the borough. Nonnatus House welcomes a new nun to the team, Sister Veronica, who impresses everyone except for Nurse Crane [Linda Bassett].”

As we get ready to greet a new cast member on Call the Midwife, where are the show’s alums now? Catch up with 13 of the show’s former stars in the gallery below.

Call the Midwife, Season 12 Premiere, Sunday, March 19, PBS

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