10 Best John Cena TV Commercials, Ranked (VIDEO)

“You can’t see me!” is his catchphrase, but it’s hard to miss John Cena even if you are not tuning in to one of his TV shows or movies. The wrestling star has become something of the king of the ring in the world of TV ads.

Cena may be best known as a multi-time former WWE champion, and for his acting roles in blockbuster projects such as Peacemaker and the upcoming Fast X. But throughout his career he has also carved quite a big piece of the pie for himself when it comes to commercial endorsements.

Whether you see him or hear his voice, Cena has remained a popular fixture in ads as you’re watching your favorite shows on TV and streaming services. Chances are you’ll also spot him during Super Bowl Sunday beyond just the latest Fast & Furious installment movie trailer.

Here we rank some must-see Cena commercials.

10. John Cena for Takis

Even before joining the Fast & Furious franchise, Cena was a big car guy. So you know he enjoyed sitting in the driver’s seat for this ad for Takis tortilla chips. Seriously intense!

9. John Cena for Stacker 2

The “Doctor of Thuganomics” put his rap skills to good use for commercials promoting Stacker 2’s YJ Stinger series of flavored energy drinks. A fun look back at the early days of the jersey-wearing troublemaker early on in his WWE career.

8. John Cena for Hefty

If there is one thing that can sell garbage bags, it’s John Cena’s dancing pecs. He certainly got the supermarket cashier and shopper hot and bothered here.

7. John Cena for Wonderful Pistachios



Cena voices Ernie the Elephant in a series of short but sweet Wonderful Pistachios clips. As part of the “Get Crackin’” campaign, this one sees Ernie at the baseball game where he reveals he used to wear diapers and eat peanuts. He leaves us with an age-old question of, “Who wants to eat a food that starts with p and ends with nuts?”

6. John Cena for “We Are America” Campaign

A powerful spot exploring what really is patriotism. Cena walks down a street breaking down the melting pot that is America. The star ends with the line, “Love has no labels.” Amen.

5. John Cena for Gold’s Gym

John Cena for Hefty (2017)






Before joining WWE, John Cena gained notoriety in the California area as “The Prototype.” Here the oiled up future legend shows off his impressive physique while also displaying that trademark comedic side.

4. John Cena for Subway

The Champ is here with his spinner WWE championship hungry after a big match. He spots a young fan backstage who refuses to part with his delicious double meat sandwich. Cena offers literally the shirt on his back autographed, but no deal. He was finally able to make the deal if he attended the kid’s birthday party. Worth it.

3. Experian “Happy Guy”

For this year’s Super Bowl commercial for Experian, Cena shows off all his skills as the “Happy Guy” singing and dancing about how you can use paying your rent to raise your credit score.

2. John Cena for Gillette



The hyped up leader of the CeNation knows no boundaries when he throws around a trashcan, takes a part a bathroom stall door and asks an unsuspecting men if they wanted to take the ProGlide Challenge. Of course they want to shave in the public restroom with John Cena cheering them on!

1. John Cena for Mountain Dew

The 2021 Super Bowl commercial from the soft drink company spared no expense with a reported $5.5 million budget to advertise the Major Melon flavor. It’s really a pink fever-like dream that sees Cena driving . Adding to the commercial was the interactive aspect where the first person to tweet the correct number of bottles shown won $1 million.

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