10 Best Horror Movies Set During Christmas

Christmas time is supposed to be about coming together with loved ones, giving back, and lighthearted movies with a message. But if you’re naughty and lamenting the passing of Halloween, you can be a Grinch and watch some special holiday horror movies instead.

Although your typical Xmas movie focuses on the Christmas spirit and a lesson in morals, these scary movies remind us of how society subverts those surface-level sentiments every year. That’s because Christmas is also about commercialism, lying, and pretending, and these flicks deconstruct those themes as well, with lessons of their own.

Cynicism aside, the choices below feature some prime Christmas horror, some of which feature a killer Santa Clause, the legendary folklore monster Krampus, and a couple of them even showcase society as the cause of evil. Any way you shake it, the list below features a variety of treats for any festive horror fan to enjoy with their spiked eggnog.

Check them out below, and tell us which is your favorite!

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