‘A League of Their Own’ Boss on What Viewers Can Expect in Season 2

A League of Their Own has been renewed for a second, albeit short, season at Prime Video, and while four episodes may not feel like enough time to properly continue to stories of the women at the center of this moving show, ideas for where the story is heading next has been on the brain for some time.

Speaking to showrunner Will Graham following Season 1’s finale, TV Insider asked what may be in store for Season 2, which hadn’t been announced at the time. “We have a super clear idea of where we want to go,” Graham said. “Both in Carson’s (Abbi Jacobson) story and Max’s (Chanté Adams) story.”

As viewers will recall, the women experienced parallel journeys into the world of baseball as they both became parts of teams while having different struggles of their own. While Carson came to terms with her sexuality, Max endured the uphill battle of breaking into the sport professionally while also being Black in the 1940s.

“I think in a lot of ways, on both sides of the story, it’s kind of about the problems of success,” Graham elaborated. “Season 1 was really about these women learning their desires and finding their team. And I think the next step is once you have a team and once people aren’t paying attention, there’s a different set of problems and questions that come up. So, we’ll get to have some fun seeing where that goes.”

Season 1 concluded with a rather large cliffhanger as Carson’s husband Charlie (Patrick J. Adams) caught her kissing girlfriend and teammate Greta (D’Arcy Carden) goodbye, opting not to follow her elsewhere, but promising to reunite next game season. “In telling the story of Carson and Greta we’re telling the story of two people who mean so much to each other, and who are always gonna struggle to find the right space,” Graham explained.

“If they wanted to really commit to the relationship like Rosie O’Donnell’s character and her wife, then there’s a lot of risks that come with that. So I think that’s a story that is gonna continue to unfold in Season 2,” mused Graham. “Carson and Greta still have a lot to learn and take from each other as they’re building their own lives. But I think in this time period with this relationship; it’s never gonna be an easy road for them.”

“It’s not easy now either,” Graham continued. “And I think that’s part of why we wanted to tell these stories. We also live in an unstable time that sometimes feels dark, and you don’t know where the world is gonna be in three months or six months. It’s not a cakewalk for people of color or queer people by any stretch of the imagination.”

With this set of stories being told in wartime America, Graham noted, “people literally thought that the world was going to end… And yet, in these stories and in the real stories that the show is based on, people are finding joy and finding each other and finding love and getting to do the thing that they love to do. And I think there’s something in that for all of us too.”

When speaking with Graham in late 2022, he said of the fan response that the series is “big and universal” and that “people who found it are incredibly passionate about it. And I think what we hope and what we’re seeing is that there are different parts of the show for everyone. And everyone can find a story or more in the show that they really see themselves in.”

While it’s difficult to come to terms with a four-episode final season order, Prime Video’s A League of Their Own is in good hands with Graham and co-creator Jacobson as they’ll likely follow these ideas. Stay tuned for additional details on the show’s forthcoming chapter as it takes shape at Prime Video, and relive every phenomenal moment from Season 1 by streaming it now.

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