Is Usman Scamming Kimberly? (RECAP)

Tell All: No Limits Part 3

Season 7 • Episode 20

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episode 20 “Tell All: No Limits Part 3.”]

We’ve almost reached the end of the seventh season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, but the action continues!

Part Three of the four-part Tell All: No Limits brings drama, sure, but there’s also some incredibly sweet and surprising news. Keep reading to find out who may never (ever) get back together and who is finally ready to expand their family.

Kimberly and Usman

Before returning to the studio to shoot day two of the Tell All on stage, Kimberly vows to “wreck the set” if she finds out anything bad about Usman. Later, Kimberly’s son Jamal joins the stage to reiterate how he thinks Usman manipulated his mother into ending their engagement. The sentiment seems plausible to other couples on stage, who think Usman has love for her, but isn’t in love with her.

“I hope everyone sees him for who he is: selfish, narcissistic and really needs to get his s**t together,” Jamal says.

Kimberly currently calls Usman her best friend, but she confirms to host Shawn Robinson that they’re done for good. Usman hates when Americans assume he’s a scammer because he’s Nigerian, and he points to his past sexual relationship with Kimberly as evidence that he loves her, because it’s not part of his culture to openly sleep with people before marriage. Ultimately, Kimberly was the one who pulled the plug because she wanted Usman to have the same happiness she has with Jamal, she reminds everyone.

A clip of Usman asking his 18-year-old potential second wife Fareedet for her phone number is shown; Kimberly says she’s never seen it before and starts crying. She has the strength to leave Usman alone for good, but says she’ll always support him and be his superfan.

“I may walk out this door and meet the man of my dreams,” she tells Shawn.

Bilal and Shaeeda

Bilal and Shaeeda on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


The couple share that they tried to get pregnant a few times, but Shaeeda is now the one who “tells him to wrap it up.” She still wants to have a baby and is conscious of what may be a dwindling timeline to do so, but she finally feels like she’s getting her footing in America with her business, and she wants to focus on that for a little while.

Bilal’s friend Christopher and Shaeeda’s friend Eutris join remotely to support their friends, but end up getting into a back and forth argument about Bilal controlling the finances and keeping Shaeeda in the dark.

Bilal isn’t about to let that mood linger, though. He tells Shaeeda that the last time they were in New York City was when she gave him an ultimatum to start the family immediately or break up. He doesn’t want them to have a negative association with NYC, so he gets on one knee and pops a surprising question.

“Will you go half on a baby with me?” he asks, presenting her with a onesie that says, “If you think I’m cute, you should see my mom.”

He’s ready to get started tonight.

Jenny and Sumit

Sumit’s father Anil, brother Amit and sister-in-law Shree join remotely to talk about the couple. Shree says that she and Amit hang out with Jenny and Sumit now and get along well.

Sumit’s mother was unwilling to participate in the Tell All, but Anil shares that she has started talking to Sumit again (“very gently”) and their relationship is now “normal.” He thinks she’ll never accept Jenny, but he gives them his blessings. Jenny smiles wider and brighter than we’ve seen in several seasons.

Big Ed and Liz

Liz on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


Big Ed hasn’t given Liz the engagement ring back, and he doesn’t know if he ever will. She’s not exactly jumping to get it back, but she does want him to own up to being on the dating app. She brings receipts of the fact that he’s still active on it to the studio for day two of the Tell All filming on stage. She says he was last active on it just two hours ago, but he still denies being on it at all.

“She can’t prove it!” he says, over and over.

Angela and Michael

Since they already technically had their segment, Angela says she’s just here today to support the other couples. But when Jovi brings up what he thinks is Michael’s new Instagram account, she gets fired up again. The wording in the profile and posts make her think it’s fake, but she also thinks one of Michael’s friends could be maintaining the account for him, which would explain why it doesn’t sound like him.

Michael and Usman are in the same studio, but Angela thinks they’re also in the same hotel in Lagos. She doesn’t want them to hang out after filming is done, and she FaceTimes Michael during a break to tell him to keep away from Usman.

But Michael thinks he and Usman need to have a conversation to work out any misunderstandings, and he goes to find him.

Next Time

Shawn describes part four of Tell All: No Limits as “the thrilling conclusion!” Big Ed picks a fight with Jenny, but she’s prepared to win. He later leaves New York City without Liz, and he hasn’t talked to her. Angela tells Kimberly she doesn’t think she’s done with Usman. Kimberly says she doesn’t think Angela is done with Michael, and they have a good laugh.

Jovi says he is ready to move the family to Florida, but his mother reveals that she and her husband have just bought property to be closer to their current home in Louisiana. He later fights with Yara on the way out of New York City. Are they going to separate places?

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