’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’: Shaeeda’s Baby Ultimatum (RECAP)


Season 7 • Episode 15

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episode 15 “Battlefield.”]

Brace yourself for an epic meeting, a potential baby, an ultimatum that has been two seasons in the making, and much more in this episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Here’s what happened with our couples.

Bilal and Shaeeda

Shaeeda has always wanted to take a helicopter ride around New York City, so Bilal takes her in hopes that she’ll see that they can do fun couple stuff like this as long as they don’t have a baby in tow. She loves the ride, but she wants to talk about babies as soon as they land. “You’re doing everything but the one thing I want the most, you’re ignoring it,” she says. “You think on the helicopter ride I don’t think about it?”

How am I ignoring it when we talked multiple times and put it in writing?” he says.

Bilal is told he has nine months to get her pregnant or she’s leaving. He receives it as an ultimatum and asks what she’s done for him.

“It’s beyond hurtful to hear her say that this could break us,” he says in a solo sit-down. “But if she believes that us having a baby validates us, it worries me.”

“Way to ruin a moment!” he fires at her.

Shaeeda’s friend Eutris is about to go back to London, and they meet up for one more talk. Eutris shares her idea that Shaeeda should “accidentally” skip her birth control to get pregnant. The only problem with that plan, Shaeeda tells her, is that she isn’t on birth control and Bilal uses protection.

Eutris thinks this is all way more evil than she thought, but Shaeeda is growing the “balls that I think you need” to make Bilal commit to having a baby. She urges her to stick to the nine-month ultimatum.

“I need to put my foot down and I’m going to stick to the timeline,” Shaeeda tells producers.

Kimberly and Usman

Kimberly and her son Jamal arrive in Nigeria, and Jamal meets Usman for the first time. Usman thinks Jamal doesn’t like him and tells him so after they get to the hotel.

“I’m her son,” Jamal says. “I’ve seen her get screwed over by so many men.”

Jamal softens after Usman presents him with a gift of a new PS5 and asks him for his respect. “Tonight, I will say, I feel like it’s ending on a good note,” Jamal tells producers.

The next day, Jamal joins Kimberly, Usman, and his friends for an archery game. He asks the group what they think of his mom, and the friends say she’s a nice woman but Usman needs a second wife so he can have children. Usman brings up his plan to adopt his brother Mohammed’s youngest son Mahadi — but reveals Mohammed doesn’t know about any of this yet.

“Why do you always do this to me?” Kimberly asks. “‘Cause you didn’t tell me you never told Mohammed. I feel totally blindsided right now!”

“I cannot believe I came to Nigeria for this,” she says in a solo interview.

Big Ed and Liz

While whale-watching with her friends Tawny and J-Lo, Liz reveals that her daughter Riley’s father, who has full custody, is going to be re-stationed out of the country. She’s going to need to lean on Big Ed more than ever, and she’s not sure she’ll be able to do that. If they have to go to court over Riley, she’ll have to prove that she and Big Ed are solid partners.

Later, the couple looks at a potential home to buy, and Liz tells Big Ed that she wants to move out of San Diego. She explains that she wants a more stable life and home for Riley and a fresh start for their relationship. “My whole mindset changed,” she says. “I can’t do the bickering or the fighting or the drama or the worrying about friends and family. I just want a clean slate.”

Big Ed admits in a solo interview that he envisions staying in San Diego forever, but he is willing to uproot for Liz.

“Palm Springs? Let’s start there,” he suggests.

Jovi and Yara

Jovi and Yara on ‘90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’


Still in Germany, the couple takes a stroll. Yara admires the scenery, but Jovi is still pissed that she wants to stay in Europe a little bit longer to help her friends and family escaping war in Ukraine. She’s starting to feel like her opinion doesn’t matter anymore.

“We are here to help people and I need to stay to do that,” she reminds him.

Jovi unleashes his plan to try to get her to go home with him: “I was actually thinking if you’d wanna come back home, how do you feel about us having another baby?”

She tells him that she doesn’t want to have another baby for at least four years and wonders if he is just trying to control her more. “It’s a weird excuse,” she says in a sit-down with Jovi. “I wish you had something more smart to say.”

Later, Yara and her friend Karina swim in the snow at an outdoor spa while Jovi and his friend Talmadge commiserate over beers. “It feels like Yara is planning a future just for herself,” Jovi tells Talmadge, who misses their guy time.

Karina asks Yara if she might just split her time equally between Europe and the States. Yara wasn’t planning on that, but maybe she will if Jovi keeps trying to be the boss.

“He is pushing me away,” she tells producers. “I think right now if I stay in Europe a little bit longer with Mylah, maybe the distance can be good for us.”

Angela and Michael

Michael is still jealous of Billy, even though he hooks himself up to kidney dialysis all day every day, and he pouts in the hotel room. Angela does hospice care and doesn’t understand why her husband thinks this is a romantic situation instead of her just having a good heart.

“He needs me and it’s important for me to go where someone needs me,” she tries to explain.

“I wanna get some rest, OK? Good night!” he retorts, climbing under the covers.

The next morning, Michael says he’s leaving, and she begs him to stay, declaring that he’s more important to her than any man and she won’t visit Billy in Canada if it hurts him this much.

In his sit-down interview, Michael shares that he can’t remember her ever compromising before. “This is how marriage is supposed to be,” he says.

Michael’s friends text him to meet up, and he wants Angela to go. She doesn’t want to see the “goofballs” again, because it always seems to end up in a fight, but she agrees to go to show Michael that she’s working on their relationship.

Jenny and Sumit

Jenny’s daughter Christina and her wife Jen join the couple to meet Sumit’s parents, and Sumit is worried that their presence will just make them angrier. His father Anil arrives with his son Amit and daughter-in-law Shree; Sumit’s mom is still too distraught to see him.

Christina makes a plea for Sumit’s family to treat Jenny with the same love and respect that she and Jen have for Sumit: “I would like you guys to maybe just open a little bit of your heart.”

Shree counters that they need to understand that it’s difficult for Sumit’s mom to accept that he is married to Jenny, despite the fact that they’ve been together for 10 years.

Anil shares that people are still calling and shaming them about this May-December marriage, explaining, “We are not able to bear all the words spoken by society.” He reiterates that it’s not possible for them to accept the couple.

“I think maybe it’s better if we just go ahead and live in America then,” Jenny announces, as Sumit looks shocked and scared.

“Bro, are you really planning to live in America?” Amit asks.

“Yeah, we are planning for it!” Jenny answers for Sumit.

Next Time

Libby’s father Chuck plans to look each of his kids in the eye and ask where they stand on Andrei’s immigration problem. Andrei doesn’t know if he can restrain himself if one of them has something to do with it.

Yara has been miserable for two and a half years and just wants to be happy for a little bit by staying in Europe a while longer, but Jovi doesn’t know how he’s supposed to feel confident that she’s actually going to come back to Louisiana.

Angela clashes with Michael’s friends once again, and Sumit’s father drops the mic when he says, “We want a separation from Jenny.”

Liz has been offered a partnership in a business, but Big Ed doesn’t want her to have 80-hour work weeks. “I want a wife,” he asserts. “Sounds like a breakup, the way that you’re making me feel,” she replies.

Usman asks Mohammed if he can adopt Mahadi, and his brother is taken by surprise. “I feel like Usman is going too far,” Kimberly confesses. “I’m not going to steal Usman’s brother’s baby — this is crazy crazy!”

We agree, Queen Kimberly! Hopefully Usman has a plan C, because this is going to get really messy really fast.

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